Research interests

Volcano Seismology and Acoustics

Long-period, very-long-period and ultra-long-period seismo-volcanic sources

  • Inversion of the source function of very-long-period events
  • Analysis of the complex spectral components of long-period events
  • Inversion of the source function of ultra-long-period events
  • Analysis of the volcanic seismicity at Stromboli volcano (Southern Italy), Campi Flegrei caldera (Southern Italy) and Marapi volcano (West Sumatra)
  • Development of techniques for the polarization analysis of seismo-volcanic events
  • Numerical modeling of seismo-volcanic sources

Volcano-tectonic events

  • Location of VT events of Mt.Vesuvius, Campi Flegrei caldera and Ischia island and Stromboli volcano (Southern Italy)
  • Advanced location techniques in 3D velocity models
  • Numerical modeling of microearthquake sources

Real-time techniques for processing of seismo-volcanic data

  • Detection and location of very-long-period events
  • Inversion of the moment tensor source function of very-long-period events
  • Analysis of volcanic and infrasonic tremor

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Physical Volcanology

Fluid-dynamics of gas-basalt systems

  • Modeling of bubbly and slug flow in basaltic conduits
  • Modeling the generation of very-long-period event during Strombolian explosions

Deformation of volcanoes

  • Modeling of deformations preceeding vulcanian explosions

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Seismic and acoustic wave propagation

Numerical modeling of seismic and acoustic wave propagation

  • Finite-difference techniques in time and Fourier domains
  • Modeling of seismo-acoustic wave interaction
  • Paraxial ray-tracing in heterogeneous models

Array techniques for seismic and acoustic waves

  • Real-time processing techniques of seismic and infrasonic arrays

Seismic tomography

  • Active and passive seismic tomography of volcanoes (Mt.Vesuvius, Campi Flegrei)

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Parallel computing

  • Real-time processing of seismo-volcanic data
  • 3D elastodynamics and fluid-dynamics modeling

Web-interfaces of geophysical databases

Seismic and acoustic effects of bolides

Non-linear inversion techniques

Inversion of InSAR images

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