Research projects

INGV-DPC2007-2009 Member of the R.U. 7 in the project V2-PAROXYSM
SPEED2007-2008 Project and development of the web interface of the multiparametric database.
COVIN2006-present Responsible of the scientific task. Deployment of the seismic network on Marapi volcano (West Sumatra). Formation of local personnel. Analysis of data.
PETIT-OSA2005-2007 Development of real-time processing tools and web facilities for the permanent seismic array of Mt.Vesuvius
INGV-DPC2004-2006 Coordinator of the R.U. 12 in the project V2 (Monitoring and reseach activity at Stromboli and Panarea);
Member of the R.U. 10 in the Project V4 (Conception, verification and application of innovative techniques to study active volcanoes)
FIRB Project
"Dynamics of the Strombolian Explosive Source"
2003-2007 Analysis of seismic data, development of real-time automated processing tools.
Serapis2001 Seach and planning of sites, installation of seismic stations, data formatting and analysis.
TOMOVES1996 Analysis of seismic data and tomographic inversion of traveltimes.